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“I’ve done many of the labs on myself but didn’t feel validated until i got the results of my htma test… 

I want that for my clients — for them to feel validated and not alone.”


Hey there, health coaches and/or practitioners, 


It’s time to stop stressing over a stagnant practice and instead start leaning on testing… so you can confidently make recommendations that clients will trust. 


And no, you don’t need a lot of expensive tests to help your clients feel validated, seen, and understood.


Before we talk about how you can use a SINGLE inexpensive test to reveal a wealth of information about your client to help them get life-changing results, let’s talk about you…

See, here’s what I know for sure about you ...

Whether you’re a licensed or unlicensed health practitioner, you’re passionate about going beyond the conventional medical system and getting to the root cause of the symptoms so you can confidently and successfully help your clients.

The only problem?

You find yourself getting “stuck” at a certain point, hitting that wall with client progress, and feeling like it’s all your fault. 


Guess what?!

It's NOT your fault.


If you're a practitioner using functional labs with your clients already, you know how challenging it can be to recommend tests to clients and at the same time get paid enough for your work and expertise. 


And if you aren’t using any testing yet, you feel like you aren’t able to help your clients because you’re “guessing” instead of “testing.”


This can feel really daunting because most tests cost hundreds of dollars. 

Except for HTMA.

Untitled design (7).png

HTMA is a non-invasive (yes, no pin pricks!) lab test that reveals a wealth of information about your clients’ health conditions. 


HTMA costs less than what you’d pay for a trip to the hair salon!

That’s right! 


HTMA or Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis helps you identify crucial mineral imbalances that could be responsible for a client’s health conditions.   


But, why minerals? 

Well, minerals are literally “spark plugs” in the body. 

Minerals help keep the pH balance of the body just right.
Minerals act as co-factors for THOUSANDS of enzyme reactions for every system in the body.
Minerals are vital for all muscle relaxation and contraction.
Without minerals, nutrients aren't able to get in or out of cell membranes.
Minerals are important for proper nerve conduction.
Minerals are responsible for bone density and energy production in the body.

Here's the thing

HTMA pulls the curtain back on mineral imbalances AND provides a wide range of knowledge about every client — blood sugar, digestion, stress, heavy metals, thyroid and adrenal function, detoxification pathways, hormones, and more

Knowing this information can help you give your clients the protocols that will make the most impact.

You’ll know how to show clients that their symptoms lead back to certain mineral imbalances. 


You’ll know exactly where to start with every client. 

NO more guessing your way through a client consult or spending hours upon hours trying to understand the results of a test.

Using HTMA allows you to truly help your clients with bio-individual protocols. Without having to charge them hundreds of extra dollars for expensive labs.

  • Maybe you’re looking to expand your business and add testing into your practice but you don’t know where to start or what to do. 

  • Maybe you’ve even taken a course on understanding HTMA but still feel clueless about what to actually do with the information.

  • Maybe you’re just starting out as a health coach and you’re worried no one will take your recommendations seriously unless you back them up with test results, but HTMA feels so complicated!


Now chances are you may be thinking...

“Yes, Jensen! I know HTMA can help. It’s just SO complicated!” 

I hear you. 


There’s SO much information out there. It’s downright overwhelming thinking about incorporating HTMA into your practice.

At the end of the day, you want...

A simple, efficient way to get up and running with HTMA, so you can start bringing in clients who are eager to work with you and help them achieve life-changing results. 

After all, you got into functional health to truly help people who are suffering!  


You know if you could just get clients in the door, you could really help them change their lives for the better. 

If you’ve been nodding your head up to this point, I’ve got good news for you:  

It’s totally possible to get up and running with HTMA in your practice in less than a MONTH and start getting paying clients right away! 

Without spending hundreds of hours or thousands of dollars. 

“All other tests are great and have their place but as you know they are quite expensive. As a newbie, I need something that will be the biggest bang for my buck and get them (clients) results and I feel HTMA is it!”


Instant HTMA Professional

The ONLY Course That Includes a Unique (and Easy-to-Use!) App that Automates Understanding Test Results and Generates Customized Client-Ready Reports

Instant HTMA Professional is a step-by-step course that comes with unlimited lifetime access to the HTMA Analysis App.

How will Instant HTMA Professional Give You the Confidence You Need to Create the Thriving Practice You Deserve?

By putting clarity and simplicity at your fingertips. Quite literally! 

This all-in-one knowledge suite is designed to help you ditch the confusion and overwhelm, so you can start effectively implementing HTMA into your practice.


With a fluff-free, laser-focused curriculum AND a proprietary HTMA analysis app that literally slices confusion away and spits out gorgeous, easy-to-understand, share-with-your-clients reports. 

The HTMA Analysis App automatically creates a 15-page custom client report and incorporates 300+ symptoms and 30+ common conditions.

Here’s what that looks like:


Upload client HTMA results

(That's right! You don't even have to type in the numbers!)

Let the app work its magic and do thousands of calculations for you

Easily review all of the patterns that the app tells you. (Don't worry, the course will tell you exactly what to do with that info!)

Plug in your client’s top symptoms and see precisely where the correlated mineral imbalances are showing in their HTMA results


Click “Generate Client Report” to generate a personalized and editable report

Use the app to compare two reports, side-by-side. Perfect for retests!

You never have to guess at what a client needs or is struggling with. You know exactly what to do and how to do it!

Put simply, the app is an absolute game changer when it comes to utilizing HTMA in your practice.


The app tells you EXACTLY where to look in your clients' HTMA results to learn more about their symptoms.

Here’s an example of what this looks like in the report.


Slow oxidizers - common due to low digestive enzyme capacity

Low Na/K

Low Zinc can contribute to inadequate digestive enzyme production. 

Copper Imbalance - copper interferes with zinc in production of digestive enzymes, impairs liver activity and slows oxidation rate. 

Sense of excess fullness after meals
Stomach upset by greasy foods 

If client has low macro minerals, this could be a need for taurine. Taurine helps with bile salts, and also electrolyte balance in cells and regulates minerals.

Chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia

Imbalanced Ca/Mg, High Ca/K, Low Na/Mg, Copper Imbalance

Acne (adult)

Low Na/K, Toxic metals present, copper imbalance, glucose intolerance, imbalanced Ca/Mg, Fe/Cu ratio to determine bacterial or viral tendency

Mood swings associated with periods (PMS)

Copper imbalance, High Na/K


No more feeling like you aren’t taken seriously as a functional health practitioner. 


No more hesitating to reach out and help clients because your gut instincts can only get you so far.


No more wading through confusing information and feeling more overwhelmed by the minute.

Take a peek at how the HTMA Analysis App 

does ALL the work for you

You get LIFETIME access to this incredible tool when you enroll in Instant HTMA Professional!

best part?

Selling clients on this will be easy-peasy because you will have an actual tangible product to offer your clients rather than just information that they could Google themselves!


Take a minute to imagine if you had a concise course AND a

do-the-work App to understand HTMA so you can confidently create bio-individual protocols for clients 

and change their lives …

… what would your practice look like? 

In less than a month, you are completely confident about using HTMA

Thanks to the HTMA Instant Analysis App and the concise and confusion-free course content, you have everything you need so you can quickly and efficiently interpret results and share them with clients using the beautiful client reports.

Anytime you feel stuck with a result, you lean on my support

You have LIFETIME ACCESS to the course, app, and community.

You never have to worry about feeling overwhelmed or confused. You can ask questions in the community, and get support during Weekly Office Hours or Monthly Client Case Study calls. 

Your confidence soars with every client you work with!

Clients start to see results and engage with their protocols 

No more feeling frustrated that a client isn’t following a treatment or seeing health improvements. 


You have access to individualized data AND protocols to help your clients get tangible results they can actually see and feel. Thanks to the HTMA test, getting client buy-in is SO much easier. 


More wins for clients = more wins for you!

Your practice is thriving, your clients happily pay your prices, and you finally feel like you’ve made it

Your clients are having SO much success that they can't help but spread the word about you!


You are working