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Fun facts about me

NTP (Nutritional Therapy Practitioner)

But apart from all that - one of my biggest passions is helping unlicensed practitioners navigate functional lab testing so they can find the right test for their needs and confidently incorporate it into their practice!

Married in a chateau in France

HTMA App Developer & Course Creator

Number 7 on the Enneagram

Favorite hobby = rollerblading at the oceanfront

Functional Lab testing doesn't need to be complicated

Hey friend, I'm Jensen! I help unlicensed practitioners navigate the world of functional lab testing and take the stress, time and headache out of incorporating HTMA in their practice through my course, Instant HTMA Professional, and my HTMA analysis app.

My journey into HTMA and functional lab testing started with my own mineral success story. After 10+ years of monthly, debilitating endometriosis pain, I was able to completely reverse my symptoms by supplementing with magnesium. It was an unbelievable transformation—and it made me realize how life-changing mineral analysis could be for my clients.  

This led to a growing passion for functional lab testing and ultimately the birth of 'Test Don't Guess'!

My HTMA Journey

To be an inspiration to practitioners to use functional labs in their practices to attract and retain more clients

To provide tips and tricks to help practitioners on their journey of starting and growing their practice 

To help practitioners figure out which lab(s) they need to learn so they can serve their niche 

To provide resources about the best education to learn how to properly interpret different functional labs 

To increase confidence and efficiency for those looking to incorporate HTMA in their practice, through my HTMA course & HTMA analysis application 

Test Don't Guess Functional Lab Chats

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My Mission

Why Test Don't Guess?

If you are anything like me, you had no idea you had access to all kinds of different functional lab tests when you graduated with your nutrition or health coaching certification!


Test Don't Guess was created as a resource for unlicensed practitioners to navigate the different testing options available to them as well as providing educational content and resources to help you be able to confidently and efficiently incorporate them into your practice.


Along with my course, Instant HTMA Professional, and my HTMA analysis application, I also provide lots of free resources to help you along your journey. My mission is to be the resource for you that I wish I had when I was looking to incorporate lab testing into my practice. 

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