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This powerful & easy to use Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis App will 

Decrease your analysis time by 80%+

A true game changer when it comes to...

Quickly, Accurately,
& Confidently Utilizing HTMA 

How does the App work?

The HTMA Analysis App

goes beyond analyzing key ratios.

It’ll also allow you to quickly analyze hundreds of different possibilities found in your clients’ lab results PLUS allow you to feel more confident knowing that you’re not missing any critical mineral patterns or indicators.

The app also gives you the unique ability to do a quick side-by-side comparison analysis to see if your client’s data has changed over a span of time.

During this type of side-by-side comparison analysis, the HTMA Analysis App will generate a beautifully formatted Google Doc that’ll compare all patterns and indicators from both tests – and will highlight the most positive patterns where your client is seeing the greatest improvements.

The HTMA Analysis App works on any computer, is super easy to use, and it also comes with training video to help you not only get acclimated to the app, but to also allow you to take full advantage of the biggest features and benefits it has to offer you.

Look how easy it is to use 

Instantly access the HTMA analysis app NOW!

This web app has the power and utility to save you a ton of wasted time, hassles and headaches!

Not only will you get the detailed HTMA analysis and customized reporting you need (with less work and effort on your part) right at your fingertips, but you'll also be able to get more reliable and tangible results for your clients.

Get started using the HTMA Analysis Application for free!!

Monthly Subscription

$29 USD per month


Includes a 14 day free trial

The Report

The report that’s generated instantly provides a detailed (but easy to understand!) breakdown of every mineral pattern and indicator that is present for all kinds of health issues or challenges including…

Copper Imbalance

Impaired Immune Response

Glucose Intolerance



Poor Detoxification

Metabolic Patterns

Psychological Patterns

The HTMA Analysis Application


Allows practitioners to easily upload clients raw HTMA lab results and input information from the Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire 
into one user-friendly app and instantly run a single test analysis or comparison analysis.

This way all the heavy lifting and the long hours typically spent doing this type of manual analysis can be substantially decreased by up to 80%. And that’s just for starters.

The HTMA Analysis App also automatically generates fully customized and editable reports based on your clients’ personal needs.

The HTMA Analysis App

The 15-page custom client report is generated as a Google Doc, which makes it completely editable.

It automatically provides detailed information for your client about every mineral, ratio, and heavy metal result.

Thanks to this breakthrough technology, utilizing the HTMA Analysis App in your own practice will not only make your life easier, but it’ll give your clients even better results to improve their overall health, wellness, and vitality.

Upload raw HTMA results

Plug in symptoms & conditions

Receive results & indicators

Auto-generate client documents

Go beyond Analyzing Ratios!

Never miss important mineral patterns

Compare two HTMA results instantly

Find symptoms & conditions in HTMA results

Automatically generate detailed reports

& so much more

flower background.png

I can tell how much work & effort went into this. Thank you for getting it out into practitioner's hands. This will be an invaluable tool for many!

Arune V.

I have to say, I am in LOVE with your HTMA app. It's such a time saver!

Sarah B.

Your app is freaking amazing! I have 4 HTMA clients right now and I would never have been able to properly help my clients without your help, so thank you!!!!!!

Marissa Y.

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