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Test Don't Guess Podcast Host
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Test Don't Guess Podcast

Functional Lab Chats

Calling all data-nerds who want to move beyond health coaching and start testing, not guessing!

Come learn how other unlicensed & licensed practitioners are using different functional testing options to confidently get to the root cause and grow their practices!


The HTMA Analysis App

"This Powerful & Easy to Use Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Web App Will Decrease Your Analysis Time by 80%+"

Are you ready to

Attract & Impact More Clients

by addressing mineral imbalances, but feeling overwhelmed where to start?

I get it! Minerals are complicated. But HTMA doesn't have to be.


My proven system will help you implement the most affordable lab in your practice quickly, so you can improve client results and scale your practice!

HTMA guide

Learn how to...

Grow Your Practice in Less Than One Month by Adding Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

This free training will teach you my 7 step system for using (and analyzing!) HTMA results!

hair tissue mineral analysis information

Ready to use labs to take your practice to the next level?

I'm here to help you properly use functional labs in your practice so you can experience the massive practice growth, client retention, and confidence that comes with testing, not guessing!

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